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Indirectly & with Subtlety: Oh, wow, what the hell is happening here.

About all Joel and Kat’s relationship.


It’s a fucking tiny star on his face, he already has two huge other tattoos on his neck, and his arms are literally covered on others. Not like the new one is going to wreck his life forever, damnit.

Yeah, I don’t really ‘love’ Kat because she’s erratic with her relationships, and well, she has a fucking reality show on TV. Do you guys really believe whatever that happens in her show is not manipulated and bent just to become popular even for people who doesn’t like tattoos? I mean, c’mon, every argument is taken from at least three different cameras, it’s not exactly like it wasn’t prepared before, for fuck’s sake.

And yeah, Joel is a fucking asshole that usually speaks before thinking, he makes his friends angry, he especially lost Skrillex’s friendship because his big mouth and because he seems unable to apology even when he obviously regrets.

But dudes, when the hell it was the last time we saw Joel actually being happy? Because seeing, listening and reading about him being trully happy IS a ver rare event.

For what I know, Joel and Kat know each other from some months ago (remember the first rumors about part of his Cthulhu tattoo?). And anyways, what if not?

Why would you care less for a blonde Playboy model that a tomboy tattooist?

I don’t love Joel because he’s perfect, I love him because HE IS NOT, because he’s a fucking human being FULL of imperfections that sometimes just get me on my nerves. Am I the one who is dating Kat Von D?  No. Then why should I care? I’m not fucking her, I’m not close to her in any way. I’m not Joel’s mother to tell him who is better for him.

Honestly, I preffer him being happy with a girl I don’t like, that being trully unhappy with no body near.

If that relationship ends, then it ends. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t. As long as Joel Zimmerman doesn’t stop making music and being himself (yes, even if he can be a jerk) I’ll be happy.

"Joel and the Horde has inspired me in so many ways. I’m playing the piano and trying to produce my own music."
"I love how he just allowed and wanted his Horde to be in this video shoot."

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"Sometimes when he’s concentrated he bits his lip in a very sexy way."
"I would totally fuck Joel with his clothes on. Even better if he is wearing his leather jacket."
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He’s quite simply


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"I feel he acts like a jerk because his depression, and it makes me want to help him so much."
"Joel has inspired many people. And I’m proudly one of them."

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Ok, guys, here is it, finally!!! Enjoy the awesomeness!!!

deadmau5 feat. Gerard Way - Professional Griefers music video 

(Source: dannyzilla)

Some of you asked us to submit the “Professional Griefers” lyrics, so here they are! 

I like the sound of the broken pieces

I like the lights that assign where she sits

We got machines but the kids got Jesus

We like to move like we’re off the name list

God can’t hear you, they will fight you

Watch them build a friend just like you

Morning Sickness, XYZ

Teenage Girls with ESP

Gimme the sound, to see

Another world outside that’s full of

All the broken things that I made

Just give me a life, to plea

Another world outside that’s full of

All the awful things that I made

We like to dance but the dead go faster

Turn up the slam and a barcode blaster

We want the cash or the drugs you’re after

Rise up control for the mixtape master

Self-infraction, mass destruction

Programmed for the final function

Lab Rat King, Rescue team

Save me from the next life

Gimme the sound, to see

Another world outside that’s full of

All the broken things that I made

Just give me a life, to see

Another broken life that’s full of

All the awful things that I made

Are you ready for the next deadmau5 album??

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"Strobe is a song that reaches out for you, it shall carry others on for generations."
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